Safety, Communication And Placement Of The Older Adult

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Safety, Communication, and Placement for the Older Adult

Safety, Communication, and Placement for the Older Adult
Henry Trosack is a 72 year old male that was hospitalized one month ago after a fall at home requiring right total hip replacement. Mr. Trosack reported no previous health history but has been diagnosed with hypertension and non-insulin dependent diabetes during hospitalization. Mr. Trosack is a widower, lives alone and manages the family-owned business with his brother. Currently ambulating with the assistance of a walker, Mr. Trosack has been in in-patient rehabilitation for the past 2 weeks.
Healthcare Issues Related to Discharge Plan
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Ensuring Mr. Trosack’s psychological needs are being met is not just a mental aspect, but also a physical aspect related to his recovery.
Interdisciplinary Team
A team effort is required in choosing the best discharge plan for Mr. Trosack. Mr. Trosack is not only at the center of the planning, but is also a member of this team. Involving Mr. Trosack allows him the opportunity to play a key role in his recovery and provides him a sense of self worth and independence. Physical therapy is also an essential part of the interdisciplinary team. Mr. Trosack’s functional status as well as his level of independence would be determined by the physical therapy team member. This determination is vital in choosing the appropriate discharge plan. Additionally, physical therapy would advise on assistive devices needed upon discharge and make recommendations for follow-up therapy plans. A dietician or nutritionist would also play an important role in Mr. Trosack’s discharge placement. Proper diet is necessary for Mr. Trosack to reduce weight on his hips as well as aid in treating his recent hypertension and diabetes diagnosis. The dietician or nutritionist can provide community resources, make recommendations for follow-up services, and educate Mr. Trosack and his family in dietary modifications and nutrition information. A pharmacist would also be included on this team. Mr. Trosack’s history indicates he has never had to adhere to a medication schedule. The pharmacist would provide drug regiments to the next facility or assist in giving Mr. Trosack and his family information regarding his medications.
Safety Assessment
The safety assessment of Mr. Trosack’s apartment exhibited multiple safety concerns. In order for Mr. Trosack to gain entry to his apartment he must climb two flights of stairs, a risky and near impossible feat for him at this time. With no elevator in the building, these stairs would provide the only means in or out of his apartment. Multiple area rugs are present as well as furniture and memorabilia cluttered throughout his apartment. This leads to an increased fall risk for Mr. Trosack. No safety devices are present in Mr. Trosack’s bathroom. Aside from the lack of safety devices, the small size of the bathroom may not allow for accommodations to be made to make the bathroom more handicapped accessible. Old prescription medications were also found in the bathroom medicine cabinet. These medications may be confused for current medications and taken by mistake. Throwing out these medications and potentially relocating Mr. Trosack’s current medications to a more easily...

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