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Safeguarding Environment Essay

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Safeguarding Environment

One of the major concerns mankind is facing today is of environment. environment is for all of us, from the tiniest to the old man. the air one breathes in, the water which quenches thirst, the soil below, the heat and fire to remain alive and kicking, the forest and vegetation he uses for food are all the basic necessities of life. with the ever increasing misuse of natural resources and growing ...view middle of the document...

the pertinent questions which torment the common mind everyday but remain unanswered are: how the absolute liability of the polluter can best be ensured for the victims? how best the corpus of funds can be organised for the future man? how can we educate today's children to live with the available environment? after all, it is sustainable development we are looking for. the questions have become more relevant and future-oriented after the sad experience of the bhopal gas tragedy, thanks to our inefficiency and injudiciousness. to correct the future scenario, the process of dissemination has to be started from the beginning, feels the coordinator furqan ahmad, associate professor, ili. law as a rule of life must be learnt by all and environmental law is something one can not do away with today. for environment is the rule of life. until the awareness is germinated in the young , through the school children, the masses will continue to be the hapless preys of the unscrupulous polluters.

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