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Sacrifice Essay

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Alex had an admirable relationship with his wife and his two children. Alex decided to be unfaithful to his wife with Danielle. He left his wife to go after what he wanted, which was Danielle. He was risking the love of his children and his commodity of his old life. Alex story relates to the quote, “To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else,” by Bernadette Devlin. The interpretation of this quote is in order for a person to get what they want; they have to be willing to lose everything. Like Alex the characters in In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez are willing to risk everything through the characters of Lina, Patria and Minerva. Those ...view middle of the document...

Trujillo’s wife had found out and wanted to kill Lina for getting pregnant with Trujillo’s child. Then Trujillo sent her to Miami where she was all alone as seen in this quote said by Minerva, “She lived alone now, waiting for him to call her up,” (23). Lina supports the quote written by Devlin because she lost her friends and family and followed her heart. She wanted to be with Trujillo and she got to be with him no matter what she lost in order to be with him. Lina almost risked her own life to get what she wanted, which was love, even when she was just another girl for Trujillo.
Another character in In the Time of the Butterflies is Patria, was very religious growing up. As seen in this quote, “No one had to tell me to believe in God or to love everything that lives. I did it automatically like a shoot inching its way towards the light,” (44). When Patria was in Inmaculada Concepcion, at sixteen old Patria was asked by Sor Asuncion if she wanted to be a sister. Patria was overjoyed that tears came down her eyes once she heard God's calling then the sister would accept his will and make Patria one of them. Patria was sure she was going to divot her entire life to religion. This all changed on Holy Thursday when she was washing the feet of the parishioners when she suddenly noticed the feet of a man and she ended up falling for him. After that she took a week off from going to Inmaculada Concepcion. She was giving up her religion little by little and getting closer to Pedrito Gonzalez. Patria fell for Pedrito and was willing to risk her beliefs in order to follow her heart which is what she wanted to do and Patria concurs with Devlin’s quote. Patria lost her faith in god as she herself says “And so it was that Patria Mercedes Mirabal de Gonzalez was known all around San Jose de Conuco as well as Ojo de Agua as a model Catholic wife and mother. I fooled them all! Yes, for a long time after losing faith, I went on, making believe,”...

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