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S.E. Hinton (Term Paper)

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Susan Eloise Hinton is a published author. While still in high school she wrote novels. Her hometown was Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hinton describe words of how she was feeling in The Outsiders. This book is considered a classic story of two sets of high school rivals. Hinton launched an uprising in young adult literature. Hinton's publishers suggested that she distribute under the name of S. E. Hinton. This was mainly due to the fear that a reader wouldn't respect a story written by a woman. Hinton express, "I don't mind having two identities; in fact, I like keeping the writer part separate in some ways. And since my alter ego is clearly a 15-year-old boy, having an authorial self that doesn't ...view middle of the document...

She married David in 1970. She published the second book in 1971. She published her third book, Rumble Fish, in 1975. Hinton was motivated to write by a photo. When Tex followed, it drew the notice of Walt Disney Studios. In 1982, Disney's movie version, starring Matt Dillon, was out. Dillon later starred in movies of The Outsiders and Rumble Fish, and he and Hinton have become friends over the years. In 1985, Paramount Pictures released That Was Then, This is Now and Fox Television adapted The Outsiders for a television series.
Taming the Star Runner, Hinton's fifth book, was a different way of writing for her. She have been quoted as saying, "For the first time, I told the story in the third person. My son, Nick, was then four, and I was so involved with him that I didn't have the emotional space to become a entirely other person."After Taming the Star Runner, Hinton took a seven-year break. She was active with Nick, and she says, "I couldn't think of a single thing to say. I didn't have a writer's block--I was writing plenty: screenplays for my novels, television scripts, and advertisements. I simply didn't have a story I wanted to tell."When she found a story, it was directly from her life. Big David, Little David is a hilarious picture book about a joke she and her husband played on Nick when he was entering kindergarten. On his first day at...

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