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Praxis Based Learning Objectives:
1. Surrender of teleological proclivities in order to learn an Asian based pedagogy.
In my opinion, this was the hardest objective for you to learn. You grew up with your ways that mom and dad taught you saying to never let anyone change whom you are. You could say you’re fairly stuck in your ways. I would say you finally were able to surrender your teleological proclivities on the last day of class. When Guru started “cheering” for you in the fight against Rama on the second to last day, that is the moment in which you let go. You felt honed in on the moment and didn’t think about what you were doing or the actions you were performing; you just did ...view middle of the document...

Guru always said one must think nothing while meditating, and this was your means of conveying this practice to yourself. I would recommend taking a yoga class before enrolling in this class again. You had difficulty getting into a trace-like state while dancing until later in the class. I feel like this was a result of being too tight during the dances, resulting in your mind wondering to the tight parts of the body instead of being “in the zone.” You need to learn to ignore tightness and focus on the dance taking over your body.

3. Self-confidence through search and expression of one's own story in order to succeed in stage and social performance.
Coming into the class you lacked a bit of self-confidence; however, that changed rather quickly as the class helped you care more for yourself by detoxing the body through mediation and being such an open class without fear of judgment. In this class, you never felt vulnerable at any time it was pure enjoyment. The class felt like family. Everyone was loving and caring which promoted an optimal learning environment. This openness made me more willing to share opinions and stories with no fear or embarrassment or humiliation to follow. While you were gathered in the daily circle, you weren’t intimidated to carry on a conversation to the person next to you or ask if they wanted to go to diner that night. This self-confidence not only helped with social skills outside the classroom, but also helped us, as a class, carry on lessons about ourselves based on stories told.

4. Community building skills through the course's emic immersion in South & South East Asia folklore practices.
Remember what Eric said in his final speech about what this class did for him and the people he was able to meet through it? The course united people of different backgrounds by bringing us closer together through praxis-based learning. As a individual, you did not have to buy in to this emic immersion approach; however, if one individual of the class was not willing to be emicly immersed in the culture, then the class was not able to gain as much from the experience. Everyone must be all in in everything that they do. If one individual is falling behind or does not understand, then pick them up and help them along the way. There is an “I” in community, family, and learning, but see the “I” as I must be there in this community or familial setting so everyone can learn from what I say and vice versa.
5. Self-based independent contextualization of physical, physiological, intellectual, and artistic learning.
The classroom in which we studied was the typical Asian setting, a classroom that assembled everyone in a circle giving all an equal opportunity to hear and be heard. I am a big visual learner. Especially with sports, I always visualized something before I executed doing the task or I would look at those who did the throw or stroke correctly and mimic them. This carried over to dancing. ...

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