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Rutgers Essay

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Diwali - the festival of lights. That is one of the only facts or events many people know about Hinduism. In this generation, many people are unaware of the cultures surrounding them. Some people are even unaware of their own culture. Being raised in a traditional, religious family, I was able to gain a large amount of knowledge about my culture - Hinduism. I finally understood why such traditions and norms were followed. For example, many Hindus are vegetarian because animals are believed to be sacred in Hinduism. God believes animals should not be killed because they are also living creatures like us. Living in Parsippany, a town consisting of a high concentration of Indians, I was able to interact with others and gain new knowledge, as well as teach others.
Due to the massive Indian population in Parsippany, Parsippany Hills High ...view middle of the document...

Last year, I helped choreograph a dance segment and this year I am secretary of the club. Besides, the show we have other minor events in which we inform people about upcoming holidays and their importance. Being secretary this year, I plan on creating more events for people to learn abou the religion and culture. For example, I am working on organizing a Diwali dinner to make students aware of Diwali. It is more than just the festival of lights; it is a festival that consists of five days followed by the Indian New Years. These new ideas and experiences will help me contribute to the vibrancy of Rutgers.
As I became more familiar with my culture, I began to give back by volunteering at Vraj temple. I was able to instill my knowledge to the young children of the Indian community. My new, developed understanding and experiences with Indian culture and religion will help me add to the diverse environment at Rutgers.
Although, I am able to bring diversity to Rutgers, I would also like to gain diversity. Since I was raised in a community that consisted of an Indian majority, I have a lot to learn about other cultures and Rutgers is the best college for that. Rutgers provides many opportunities to learn about other cultures and religions from classes, clubs, events and even students that I can interact with everyday. More than 65,000 students from over 115 countries attend Rutgers, creating over 44 cultural clubs to teach me about other cultures. “According to U.S. News and World Report, Rutgers boasts the most diverse campus in the nation, for the past 16 years”. However, there is no better way to learn about different cultures than to experience it. Rutgers study abroad program does exactly that. By going to a foreign country for a semester I would be able to learn their customs and rituals by experiencing it myself. Thus, Rutgers gives me the best opportunity to augment my knowledge about other cultures and experience while sharing mine too.

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