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Russian Santa Essay

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Unlike the Western World Santa Claus, the Santa Claus used in Russia is actually called Ded Moroz. In comparison to Santa Claus, Ded Moroz is known to have different colored robes. Ded Meroz is also typically in shape and does not deliver presidents on Christmas. The fictional identity is not hidden and does not leave children wondering who has given them gifts.
Ded Moroz which translates into father frost and in the beginning he wasn’t the nice St. Nicholas type of character. It was said that Ded Meroz would freeze people and kidnap children to fulfill pleasure for him. Father frost was later converted in to the Russian version of Santa Claus and instead of people having to give him presents as ransom to release the children the Orthodox Church changed him and converted him into what he is now, ...view middle of the document...

I feel as though Father Frost dresses flashier than Santa and I favor that. Father frost is visually appealing to a greater number of people.
Santa Claus is typically short, old, and obese unlike Father Frost. Ded Moroz is very tall, slender, and with that entire beard seems stoic. Throughout the studies in this course the images of Ded Moroz have reminded me of a Viking or some type of fierce warrior. Ded Moroz seems more realistic then a short and fat happy guy. Another difference is that Santa Claus travels with many reindeer and Ded Moroz only travels with three horses that have enough strength to take him around Russia.
Father Frost does not get his hands dirty with coal like Santa does instead he only visits boys and girls whom have behaved throughout the year. Instead of only receiving milk and cookies, which is the common Santa snack, Ded Moroz prefers real meals to be left out for him. There is no sliding down chimneys or parking of sleighs on the rooftops, he goes door-to-door much like a trick or treater would.
Instead of having a fictional residence in the North Pole like Santa Claus, Ded Moroz has a legitimate Estate in Russia. Father Frost does not have a toy factory where mythical elves are running around creating presents for children throughout the year, instead he lives in a log house in a village named Viliky Ustyug, Vologodskaya region which is located about 500 miles north of Moscow. Children write to Ded Moroz all year around instead of only writing to Santa Claus in December.
Although there are many noticeable differences between Santa Claus and Ded Moroz the general concept of both of them are the same a man who gives presents to well behaved children. After learning about Ded Moroz it opened my eyes to see that customs in America are also relevant in other countries as well. I favor the Father Frost figure more than Santa Claus.

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