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Russian Federation Essay

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Russian Federation
Health Care System in Transition
Rebecca Segal
Amanda McCarter
Yasiah Hurtado
Grand Canyon University:

Verree Laughlin

Organizational Structure and
Curative health care services
Maternal and child health care
Medical nursing education
Sanitary epidemiological
• Sanatoria and resorts

• The Russian Federation is
divided into three levels:
Federal, Regional, and
• Each city manages their own
city hospital and polyclinics.
• Regional sections govern
tertiary and secondary
hospitals and outpatient
• Rayons oversee the smaller
territories or districts and
provide a central hospital and
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• “While the availability of drugs has increased through
imports, drug affordability has fallen and many
Russians are unable to purchase necessary
medications” (Healthcare in Russia, 2012).

Financial Resource Allocation
• The two allocation routes varies from region to
• “In 2006, the Russian government launched a
national projects plan that aims to improve four
sectors of Russian life, one being healthcare. It
approved an additional $3.2 billion in spending
on healthcare to cover salary increases for
doctors and nurses, the purchase of new
equipment for clinics and the construction of
eight high-tech medical centres in Russia’s
outlying regions”(Healthcare in Russia, 2012).

• “The fear of epidemics was to a large extent
responsible for the development of the sanepid network, which was highly effective in
monitoring disease outbreaks and played a
positive role in wider public health issues”(
World Health Organization,1999).
• The healthcare system included a
commitment to the worker.

• “Uchastok doctors are therapeutists (or first
category specialists in internal medicine) who are
not highly respected and are declining in
numbers because of the belief that they will
eventually be replaced by general
practitioners”(World Health Organization,1999).
• “Facilities for the disabled fall far below western
standards. Wheelchairs and artificial limbs are in
very short supply with wheelchair ramps rarely
existing and rehabilitation centres are few and far
between”(Healthcare in Russia, 2012).

Major Health Issues
Leading health issue is cardiovascular disease
Cancer comes in second

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