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Rural Product Marketing Essay

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“The family that makes the farm an old fashioned home with diversified crops, fruits and domestic animals sufficient to meet the household needs will still find agriculture one of the most satisfying forms of existence.” By Calvin Coolidge
As Mahatma Gandhi said, "Real India lives in villages”. Nearly two-thirds of its population depends directly on agriculture for its livelihood. Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy earlier it had a major contribution in Indian economy, at the time of independence it was 33.3 percent which is increased to 56.5 percent in 2013. Current agriculture marketing system in the country is the outcome of several years’ planed work of ...view middle of the document...

The enactment put forwarded certain amendments in the physical set up of the whole market system. As a result by the end of 50’s regulated market system established in the country. That follows several other market system came into force such as whole sale market, periodical markets etc.
The continuous exploitation and over involvement of the intermediaries such as middlemen and moneylenders made the authorities to reconstruct the legislations in favor of the farmers and the clientele group. It provides platform for the farmers in directly involving the marketing activities like encourage procurement of agricultural commodities directly from farmers’ field and to establish effective linkage between the farm production and the retail chain and food processing industries.
While we talk about the implementing part of the legislation the focus is like contract- farming it is basically the concept of public- private partnership for the enhancement of agriculture production and related activities which will lead to the entire economy’s’ development. The major three aspects of the reform are Development/Strengthening of Agricultural Marketing, Infrastructure, Grading and Standardization.
One of the remarkable contributions of the respective legislation is the establishment of unique live portal of marketing information network – ‘AGMARKNET’; which provide the information related to price, market, users guide, technical support and financial outlay etc.
It is evident that by the introduction of the model act had a high an impact on the ‘Red Tapism’ in the respective sector. It...

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