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Rural Development In India Essay

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India is predominantly an agrarian country. Therefore 80%

of India's population lives in villages. Hence it becomes

important that proportionate amount of attention and funds

be spent for betterment of the rural folk. But inspite of their

being in majority, they have been lagging behind in the

fields of education, civic amenities, medical facilities and

economic well being. So the Government of India realize the

need of improvement of condition of rural people. Many

programmes and projects for the upliftment of rural folk

have been started.

One of the earliest steps taken was to bring about the

Community Development Programme which was started in

1952. Its purpose was to ensure the supply of improved

high quality seeds, modern implements and chemical

manures to farmers. Also irrigation facilities were improved,

facilities were provided for the upliftment of livestock and

small-scale village industries. ...view middle of the document...


launching of this programme was widely welcomed as a

better deal for the rural poor.

Under IRDP there were further smaller agencies like Small

Farmers Development Agency (SFDA). The Drought Prone

Areas Programme (DPAP), Command Area Development

(CAD), Desert Development Programme (DDP) which all

aimed at rural upliftment. Under this programme of

upliftment, mahajani debts of small and marginal cultivators

and agricultural labourers have been written off. The

bonded labour has been freed. House sites have been made

available for the rural poor. Surplus land has been

distributed among the landless and the small farmers.

Schemes like Training of Rural Youth for Self Employment

(TRYSEM) were started and priority was given to youth

trained under this scheme to obtain IRDP loan.

The programmes were also assisted internationally e.g. USA

has been giving liberal loans for projects which have been

initiated in the villages. Besides economic scheme, a rural

health scheme was launched in the country, which aimed at

training of community health workers. Another important

programme, "Operation Flood" v/as launched in July 1970,

with the assistance of World Food Programme (WEP) to

bring about a real breakthrough in milk production. This

programme ensured a link between the rural milk producers

and urban milk processing plants.

Several other steps have also been taken for rural

upliftment. Agricultur al incomes have been exempted from

income tax and wealth tax. Zamindari system has been

abolished. Recently Jawahar Rojgar Youjna has been

launched from 26th April, 1989. Under this scheme 30% of

the employment to be generated would be reserved for

women; at least one member of the poor family in the rural

areas for 50-100 days in a year will be provided employment

near his or her residence.

So in all, there are many such programmes aiming at the

rural upliftment, but what all -they need is proper

infrastructure and a proper system of monitoring and

evaluation. Then, there is no doubt that socio-economic

reforms can uplift the rural masses from their present

position. Although it is a challenging task, but not


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