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Running Home Essay

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Running Home

It was the bottom of the eighth inning on a perfect night for baseball. It was a close game tied at two runs with two outs. My teammate Julio was on first base and I was on second ready to run. Our best hitter was at the plate and I just knew he could get us a hit to take the lead. Our best shot to win was now, and I needed to make it around third as soon as I hear the bat connect. My heart was racing in anticipation, I wanted badly to score the winning run. The count reached one strike, two balls, and after a few foul balls, he hit a short line drive toward right field. The right fielder had a strong arm, so I knew there was a chance he could throw me out at home but I ...view middle of the document...

However, my parents were very supportive and understood my passion so they didn’t mind me playing at the park all day as long as I did my school work and made it home for dinner, which was a huge deal in my house. Growing up in a traditional Dominican family meant there were two religions in my house, food and baseball, and when the two came together, there was nothing better in this world. There were few moments in my house where watching the Yankees stomp on other teams didn’t come accompanied by an amazing home cooked feast of rice, beans, tostones(fried plantains), perfectly seasoned meat and a side of avocado. Not to mention the many other variety of meals that my parents would serve on a given day, like eggplant lasagna or sancocho, which is a traditional Dominican soup made with beef, chicken, pork, plantains, yucca, plenty of vegetables, and Dominican seasoning. My parents are both really good cooks and my father started a few restaurants along the way so when I wasn’t out on the field, I was in a kitchen learning how to cook and run a kitchen.
I found myself combining food and watching baseball a lot after the injury. I had torn my ACL that night and had to have reconstructive surgery. It took me about six months to recover, and that entire time I was hopeful about returning to the baseball field even though the doctors were telling me I might not be able to run in full motion again. Physical therapy helped return most of the motion in my knee, but I was never able to run again without pain. This meant baseball was no longer an option.
It took me a long time to come to terms with the reality of my situation. I was sixteen years old, and I could no longer play the sport that I felt I was born to play. It felt like taking the air from my lungs. I couldn’t enjoy life the way I wanted to anymore, and I started living dangerously. I got involved with the wrong crowd, and started getting violent. I was getting involved in a lot of illegal activities, and trying to live above the law, not really caring about the world around me. I felt angry at myself, angry at the world. All I could ask was “why me?”. My self esteem reached an all time low and nothing anyone said was convincing enough to make me think I was going to be...

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