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Run Holden Run Essay

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Run Holden Run

The Philippines is already one of the most overpopulated and dangerous societies our world has to offer. The word “safe” can no longer be explained throughout the country because even the people whose duty are to protect us, turns out to be one of the biggest frauds and pigs our country has. The society barely even has any rules. This can be seen with the high crime rate and the wrong people we might eventually encounter in our daily lives. Crime arises by the minute and it is our duty to protect ourselves from the obstacles life has prepared for us.

Holden sees the world as an evil and corrupt place where peace and happiness couldn’t really be found. He is afraid of ...view middle of the document...

The effects of having a bad society can affect our future generation of kids and teenagers as they grow older and will take up the duty of an adult. Teenagers like me are too weary in commuting alone because we bring our everyday valuables to school, we are like walking bank accounts for the thieves out there. Life isn’t really fair for our society because no matter how hard we work, how much efforts we put into ourselves in earning the things we really want to have, there are always the desperate and ignorant ones who try to take it all away from us. Some of them succeed in taking what they want, whether it would be by force or taking someone’s life, instead of regretting about their wrong actions they brag about it by repeating the same mistakes all over again. This affects the kids because when they experience crimes like these, they would no longer try to experience the hardships of life and how to be independent for themselves when they grow older. With the help of a poor environment, the future of the brave and confident youth might lead to chaos because they aren’t prepared to face or create a better world. They would choose to stay in their “safety zones” all the time rather than stretch out and help society improve for a new tomorrow just like Holden, he solely believes that he and Allie...

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