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Rules Of Speaking Community In Korea

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Rules of speaking community distinguish eligible member in community

‘Cyworld’ is the name of Korean Social networking website. This website is made before Facebook became so popular around the world. These two sites share common similarities; finding friends, uploading pictures, and sharing information via website. It is interesting that Facebook faces and causes many problems related to privacy. Exposure of personal information, stalking on particular person, and diffusion of rumors are common examples of negative results from Facebook and cyworld. Cyworld mostly has solved these privacy related problems within past few years, but ironically, it has lost many members because people ...view middle of the document...

We uploaded pictures, found Italian friends in Facebook, and decided share information about Italian soccer via Cyworld. We decided to expand this community because of gaining more information from new members. At that time, we faced dilemma. The most reason was to avoid impolite manner around previous soccer communities. The Internet was a medium on which anonymity was guaranteed, so this Internet anonymity sometimes gave a chance to provide such a rude manner via website. As mentioned above, using Cyworld and Facebook exposed personal information to the public, so we were afraid that new discourteous members who could approach our personal information. Therefore, we made one rule that all members must use honorific. Koreans had various types of honorifics. Usually people use typical honorific at the first time when they did not know each other. Like real world, existing member s and new members could be awkward because of using honorific that members could feel manner or distance such as ‘would you please’, ‘I beg your pardon’, ‘could you’ However, we also could figure out eligible, trustful, and courteous member who was allowed to share personal information with us in the community. Furthermore speaking typical honorific, we introduced special way of speaking to new members. The reason was that we wanted to build uniqueness and identity in the community. New way of speaking was hao style honorific that simply it reinforced etiquette rules that using hao style provided extreme politeness. When I asked pros and cons of using this style to other members, most of them were positive using it because they also seek community with certain rules preventing discourteous manner. It protected useless argument from who would rather rely on name-calling than logical...

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