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Rule Compliance And Conformity Essay

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This study is aimed at understanding and observing rule compliance between men and women. It examines the gender difference in compliance and/or conversion with people placing their rubbish in provided bins within a food court environment, as hypothesised women were more likely to be compliant with disposing their rubbish.

Social influence is vital to gage individual’s behaviour. There is long-standing evidence in social psychology that people strive for consistency within their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviour (Festinger, 1957). Therefore to uphold this level of consistency individuals must comply with the group or majorities attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. It is an important force ...view middle of the document...

However these social norms may act against a person and their willingness to put their rubbish in the bin, for example if the majority of a group knowingly does not dispose of their waste that may act as a cue for the others to act accordingly.

Conformity as a phenomenon has been widely studied since the beginning of the twentieth century (Reysen, 2003). Many studies have found support for difference in conformity between men and women, women generally showing greater conformity (Bond & Smith, 1996).A study by Eagly, Wood & Fishbaugh, (1981) showed that when participants believed that their responses were monitored, the men reduced their conformity and exhibited more non-conformity, so it was not women who increased their conformity but the men who lowered theirs. This may be for a number of reasons, for males by not conforming they may seem like more of a leader or just want to gain the attention of others. This trend of females being more compliant is even shown from a very young age, girls comply with requests and demands from parents, teachers, and other authority figures more than same-age boys do (Feingold, 1994).
Conformity can be link to an individual’s motives Granié (2007) explains the two motives for a person to be more likely to conform, instrumental motives are related to the gains and losses involved in compliance and non-compliance with the law; compliance with the law is linked to external forces. Normative motives result from internalization of the law and a feeling of obligation to obey the law in accordance with personal values.

In summary males tend to be more independent of compliancy rules compared to females; these differences may be put down to various effects such as social norms and motives. Future research should...

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