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Rubric For Group Work Essay

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Name of Group Member Evaluated: ____________________

|Contributions |Routinely provides useful ideas when |Usually provides useful ideas when |Sometimes provides useful ideas when |Rarely provides useful ideas when |
| |participating in the group an in classroom|participating in the group and in |participating in ...view middle of the document...

|quality. |
|Time Management |Routinely uses time well throughout the |Usually uses time well throughout the |Tends to procrastinate, but always gets |Rarely gets things doen by the deadlines |
| |project to ensure things get done on time.|project, but may have procrastinated on |things done by the deadlines. Group does |so that the group has to adjsut deadlines |
| |Group does not have to adjust deadlines or|one thing. Group though does not have to |not have to adjust deadlines or work |or work responsibilities because of this |
| |work responsibilities because of this |adjust deadlines because of this person’s |responsibilities because of this person’s |person’s inadequate time management. |
| |person’s procrastination. |procrastination. |delay. | |
|Attitude |Always reasonably critical of the project |Reasonably critical of the project or the |Rarely reasonably critical of the project |Is never reasonably critical of the |
| |or the work of others. Always has a |work of others occasionally. Often has a |or the work of other members of the group.|project or the work of other group |
| |positive attitude about the task(s). |positive attitude about the task(s). |Usually has a positive attitude about the |members. Often has a negative attitude |
| | | |task(s). |about the tasks(s). |
|Focus on the Task |Consistently stays focused on the task and|Focuses on the task and what needs to be |Focuses on the task and what needs to be |Rarely focuses on the task and what needs |
| |what needs to be done. Very self-directed.|done most of the time. Other group members|done some of the time. Other group members|to be done. Lets others do the work. |
| | |can count on this person. |must sometimes nag, prod, and remind to | ...

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