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Royal Hotel Essay

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Case Study – Royal Hotel
1. Briefly (2 paragraphs or less) describe the facts of the case.
In order to improve the performance, Royal Hotel (RH) became one of the clients of Fancy Consultants& Company (FC). Blake Cantera was an intern and he was in charge of this case. According to the General Manager (GM), the level of the service in RH was unacceptable based on the discerning guests and RH’s self-positioning. Blake recommended RH to purchase and install M-tech’s Espresso after some short interview with some related people. Blake also gave four main advantages of the proposed information system as followed: Rapid response, Quaility control, Preventive maintenance, and Reporting. ...view middle of the document...

Blake has no working experience before; he didn’t know to consider all the aspects that a new system needs to run. The GM was a no-nonsense, old school hotelier; it was difficult for him to accept the new information system without training. Jack continued to use Blake’s solution without his own survey about RH, so that he couldn’t to make a better plan to solve RH’s problem.
3 Specify what should be done now.
First of all, Blake should consider more aspects and make sure this new information system could successfully solve RH’s problem. If it could work, he should start to make a presentation to show why RH should switch their information system and how does it work.
Secondly, Blake should train the employees to manipulate the Espresso, and make them to get familiar with it. Make the employee to believe that the new one is much better than the old one.
Finally, during the use of the new information system, the employee should ask the guests to give feedback about it, and they can adjust the system in time.
4. How does the case relate to the chapter?
In the case, RH’s employee was resisting the change about the new information system. This case showed an example of a failure of an Information System. There are four components of an Information System: Information Technology, Process, People and Structure. Blake only focused on the information technology and process. Every thing about the system was settled down, and he can bring out four advantages about the new information system. But, he...

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