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Royal Beatings Essay

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Whether you’ve come from a home without much love, understanding or support, or maybe you have or are suffering from an illness, we have all had experiences at some point in our life that have profound affects in where we’ve come from and in shaping who we are.

Take a look at Rose in ‘Royal Beatings’. Rose grows up poor in the back of a grocery/furniture repair store, experiences the loss of her own mother and is raised by her stepmother Flo and father. Before Flo assumed position of stepmother, she was witness to a beating of a man. Sadly, Flo goads Rose’s father to carry out punishments with beatings and threatens Rose with a ‘Royal Beating’ one day. Rose doesn’t know what a ‘royal beating’ is ...view middle of the document...

The described walls alone tell the reader of how one may feel about their own life if this person is undergoing or being treated for temporary nervous depression. Her husband/physician assures her nothing is the matter and she simply just needs the “rest-cure” treatment.
Like any person can change in how they feel from day to night, the yellow wallpaper changes from daytime to nighttime too. By day, she tells us the walls have a lack of sequence and that they are a constant irritant, which she finds infuriating and torturous. By night, the outside pattern of the wallpaper reveals bars with a woman in the sub-pattern trying to climb through. The reader soon learns that this wallpaper is not simply just, but it is a disturbing writing of her journey into madness and is but a portal to insanity. If we look at the weather as an analogy, we can say that for the most part while the sun is shining, we tend to smile; it simply makes us feel better and happier. If it’s raining, we can and may have a dismal outlook on life. This is same for the author, feeling more stable by day, where she keeps still in bright spots, but by night she is more reflective of a rainy day where she is shaking the bars to escape. She soon locks herself in the room and strips the wallpaper off the wall and eventually her mental health improves and was her way of stripping away her sickness.

Whether we grow and live a life that we need or want to escape from, we learn what we are taught. We’ve learned here that escaping into an imaginative world soothes the reality awaiting us, if that may be a beating, and that if we are suffering from any type of depression, it has a profound effect on how we view life.

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