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Round In The Chamber Or Not

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Running head: LETHAL WEAPON
Round in the chamber or not
James Hardy
SECR 5010

Lethal Weapon
Today’s question facing the United States Armed Forces is, “Should Military Police (MP) carry a weapon that has a round in the chamber, with a full magazine, while performing law enforcement duties on installations?” I will analyze this question by giving facts to support my legal and ethical arguments, then I will take a opposing opinion that is supported with legal and ethical arguments, and final I will close by reassessing my initial response and indicate whether I have changed my opinion or not.

I Support rounds in the chamber
I believe that MP should be authorized to carry a loaded ...view middle of the document...

I’m sure that DACP are performing their duties with a loaded weapon. And even Civilian police on US Army bases are now authorized to load their weapons with jacketed hollow-point bullets, (Mother Jones, 2010). It is amazing that before MP were authorized to have a round in the chamber, we were first authorized to carry hollow points! These rounds that are available for use by civilians in most US States, are banned in international conflicts, (Yale, 2008). So what is safer, a hollow point or a MP without a round in the chamber? I am willing to say, “No round in the chamber is not safe!” So the reader maybe asking, “what is a hollow point?” The hollow point features a small depression cut into the slug's nose, usually filled with notched steel and enables the rounds to "deform and fragment upon striking a hard-tissue target and mushroom into a larger diameter, thus creating a larger wound cavity, (Mother Jones, 2010). So now the reader maybe asking, “who authorized hollow points but didn’t authorize a mandate to have rounds in the chamber?” Brig. General Colleen McGuire authorized it and she stated that it needed to happen because after a gunman opened fire at the Pentagon in March of this year and after a deadly shooting spree at Fort Hood, the new policy, issued May 2010, gives installation police the required tools necessary to secure our posts, camps, and stations from both internal and external active shooter threats, (Mother Jones, 2010). Hollow-point munitions are already highly favored by civilian law enforcement agencies, such as the New York Police Department, which switched to the ammo in 1998, (Mother Jones, 2010). I would like point out that there was also a shooting at Fort Bliss, in September 2010, where a man opened fire at a convenience store on Fort Bliss, injuring two people before being killed by responding officers, (Fox News, 2010). Fort Hood the installation itself has had two active shooter incidents, one in 1991where a man shot and killed 23 people in a restaurant in October 1991 and the second happened in 2009, when an Army psychiatrist (identified as Major Nidal Malik Hasan) opened fire at Fort Hood, Texas, killing 12 people and wounding 31 others, (MSNBC, 2009). With all of these situations happening, my questions are, wouldn’t you prefer to have a round already loaded before engaging these offenders and did the law enforcement official’s weapon have a round in the chamber before they engaged the offender(s) (they loaded a round once they received the transmission over the radio about the crime) or afterwards once they arrived on the scene? Either way, I am for carrying a round in the chamber and I am also for those rounds being hollow point. This loaded weapon (round in the chamber, nullifies unnecessary time to shoot a offender to save my life or bystanders.
So the irony is that the Office of the Provost Marshal General (OPMG) authorized MP to use hollow points in hopes to better secure the post,...

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