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Rosewood Essay

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American History X is featured film directed by Tony Kaye and takes place in Venice California in 1998. The audience for this movie is for a history class learning about segregation or for a political science course or simply anyone who wants to watch a drama film. The movie was intended to show the segregation and discrimination between colored people, immigrants and white people. Some of the phrases said in the film were blunt and obscure but in the era the movie took place at racism was performed out in public everywhere. There was a major separation between the colored and white people specifically in this movie. This film is realistic because up to this day this world still deals with racism. It has stopped in areas such as public schools, home communities and drinking out of the same water fountain.
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It makes one wonder why are there people with such hatred towards others simply for the color of one’s skin, it is not fair.
The era in which the movie takes place fits perfectly with the wardrobe each character was assigned. Back then in Los Angeles, California, even till this day you will see people driving around in their low rider vehicles with their music so loud and high one is able to feel it in one’s car. The director adds special color effects to the movie to make one sense the feel of older times. The visual images that were directed in the film were horrifying but it gives one a quick picture back in time of how ugly things would get, now the government has a more order.
The main purpose for the director and screenwriter to show the audience was the ugliness of a society one lives in. He does an extraordinary job in showing that and he adds emotion to the film in the end which gives it a nice twist to the story. It is obvious he wants one to see how bad human society treats one another. I enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to another colleague, simply so they can see how all history movies are not as bad as one makes them sound. My favorite scene from the film was when Deryek meets a black male coworker in prison in the laundry job. I admirer how much the black male try’s and not gives up on how hard headed Deryek is to becoming his friend, which he accomplishes towards the end when Deryek is let out from prison.
In comparison to American History X but a slightly different is the movie Anne Frank’s Diary. Both of these films deal with racism but they are racist for different ways. American History X deals with racism because of the skin color on human beings where Anne Frank’s Diary attacks religion. Both movies are being discriminated and even though they are not being abused in the same manner it is still a political socialization issue today that should change, but it is up to the people of America to make this happen.

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