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Room Division Essay

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2. Communication methods and how used to best effect (customer service)
Communication is most importance in our life, our business and in our world, without communication nothing can be done in expressing ourselves. In business such as hospitality industry environment there are many parties that involves in communicating our services and product to the general public, that is from thee company director to the stakeholders up to the cleaners and to the general public.
There are more constantly form of communication within difference hospitality industry, from our local bed and breakfast in our communities to the most expenses hotel in our cities. Without this form of communication we ...view middle of the document...

Writing communication;
This is another form of communication used in hospital industry to provide detailed information such as figures and fact to customers, stakeholders, on media and when sending documents and other important materials. In the recent years writing communication has taken another step forward in the era of e-mailing, videoconferencing and multiple way phone calls with several individuals simultaneously.
Body Language;
This area of communication is more vital in management techniques, the power of non-verbal communication such as your smile, gesture tone of voice complementing, contradiction, substitution and repetition. These send out message to people around you such as our customer and in a way of dealing with our employees.
In Non Verbal communications, there is Body Movement, Posture, Eye contact, Para-language, closeness or personal space, facial expressions and physiological changes. Let look into some of the non-verbal communication and it uses and effect.
Emblems, illustrators; this is a gesture that signals that mean OK, come here or hand movement used when hitch-hiking.
Regulators and Adaptors; it is used to give feedback when conversing. Eg head nods, short sounds
Posture; there are two forms of posture. Open and closed which may reflect an individual’s degree of confidence, status or receptivity to another person.
Eye Contact; this is an interpersonal interaction which serves three main purposes such as to give and receive feedback. To let a partner know when it is their turn to speak.
Closeness and personal space; every cultures has level of physical closeness appropriates to different types of relationship. Non-verbal codes are expressed indifferent ethnic group.
Looking at the hospitality industry we might know that using different method of communication give the organisation effective functioning of the organisation. In Morgan hotel group, communications methods are used in bring the effective functioning of Morgan’s hotel.
Morgan’s Hotel Group will be our example in evaluating different communication methods in hospitality industry. In choosing cost effective method of communication we must know one
A, Target audience. B. How much...

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