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Rondell Data Corporation And W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc

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Rondell Data Corporation and W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
President Bill Hunt is clearly uncomfortable sacking Frank Forbus, that too on Christmas Eve. He says, “I can’t understand why we have such poor luck in the engineering director’s job lately”.
If the present trend at Rondell continues, future engineering directors too would, quite likely, find their jobs on the line; even as yet other new products are likely to overshoot schedules.
Based on a comprehensive examination of the case, what would you suggest to help Rondell with their present problems?
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The organization should first clearly define its goals which must be specific, measurable, achievable, reliable and timely. Each department should clearly contribute its best in achieving the organization’s goals.
2. Vertical integration and at the same time appropriate levels of horizontal diversification is very necessary. The company should give room for innovation and creativity and at the same time mark that all its employees abide by its defined rules and policies. This will aid in increasing individuals’ accountability and avoid unwanted disturbances.
3. Rondell should encourage inter and intra department horizontal communication with departments within it to improve coordination and collaborative team work. However the departmental heads should be kept in loop for any major developments or decisions. A healthy relationship would foster all the departments running in sync with each other for the company’s objectives instead of their own short term goals.
4. Preferably a matrix organization structure where most people will be assigned multiple roles can help resolve conflicts and increase the sense of responsibilities.
5. A major organizational change suggested is that, Engineering Services can be merged with the Engineering Design department. The Engineering Services Department which essentially deals with pre- production services if merged will help in achieving better coordination and thus help in reducing design delays.
6. Bill Hunt instead of head hunting should try to address the real issue behind such inter departmental conflicts. He should utilize the executive committee meetings for constructive planning process where inputs from all the departmental heads should be given equal importance and not just design department.
7. If possible, informal gatherings can be organized and encouraged to build the informal relationships.

Based on comparisons and contrasts with Rondell, what new conjectures – beyond...

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