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Ronald Regan Essay

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Reagan Analysis Paper
Julie A Scott
September 25th, 2014
Brain Brooks

Reagan Analysis Paper
This paper is supposed to be my opinion on if Reagan was either overrated or underrated as a president, not being from the United States and of course at the time not even living in this country, I did not live through any of the policies he put in place or took away, therefore I found it difficult to make a decision based purely off of what I could read watch or look at. My spin on this will be apparent at the end of my paper
Regan tried hard to cut many departments within the government, the department of energy, and also the department of education. Legislators wouldn’t allow that to ...view middle of the document...

A year passes and Regan had not achieved what he had set out to do with his economic plan, the country was in a slump and a severe recession, unemployment was high, interest rates were at an all-time high making it impossible for Americans to purchase cars or new homes. Detroit was hit hard closure of manufacturing companies pushed bewildered and angry workers to the unemployment line. A class of “New Poor” not seen since the 1930’s sad to see unemployed, homeless workers and their family now on the streets. Nowhere to go a feeling of the government just didn’t care.
A combination of deep tax cuts and high military spending drove the federal budget deficit to one hundred billion, this deficit is still around today and it goes a long way to explain why in 2013 President Obama and his congressional opponents cannot reduce nor cut government spending. The American public wants lower taxes and higher government spending, when they need to support higher taxes and less government spending to reduce the deficit.
After the mid-term election in 1982, congress would reconvene in January 1983 and Regan had lost control of Congress, which meant there would be a reform of Reganomics. There would be a slow rebound social spending would lessen and military spending would be reduced, unemployment would drop and new home and car sales would start to rise. In spite of this the combined tax cuts and increased military spending had caused a large deficit, but yet the American public seemed to love Ronald Reagan.
When Reagan became president most figured he was just the figure head and that others ran the country, but President Ronald Reagan had a very clear thought process on where he wanted the country to head, he also knew the public needed a leader not a policy pusher, he was also very determined to reverse the trend the country had been in for the last fifty years.
In the 1984 election Ronald Reagan won by a landslide against his opponent Walter Mondale, in spite of the continuing economic problems, even the Great Lakes and Midwest farm belt voted for him. The election proved that the Republican Party had come a very long way since Watergate.
It would appear that in his second term Reagan would make tax reform a priority and in 1986, Congress passed the Tax Reform Act, which in turn led to a complete over haul of the tax system, not been looked at since it was put in place after WWII. This act would free up low income families from tax burden, the updated immigration law, failed to really do its job and slow the slurry of immigrants seeking a better life in America.
Another pressing issue for Reagan was AIDS (Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome) which he wanted to sweep under the rug, researchers had identified the infections agents, human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV) by the mid-eighties but had no medications to treat this, basically back then if you contracted HIV and it developed into AIDS this was your death warrant, you were going to...

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