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Romeo And Juliet The Role Of Fate In The Play

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FATE AND REALITY IN ROMEO AND JULIET By Kerac N. Falk Romeo and Juliet, the classic tragedy by William Shakespeare, revolves around two "star-crossed lovers"(I, i, l.6), or characters whose lives are regulated by fate. Everything they do, as well as everything that will ever happen to them, they have no control over. This is a ridiculous concept because as humans, we have the intelligence to make decisions that will guide us on our own paths through life. This is the reason that fate does not exist.Everyday we do things that will affect our future. We make judgements and take chances that can ...view middle of the document...

If he were allowed to stay in Verona, then his and Juliet's families could have worked out the marriage and everybody would be happy. Fate had nothing to do with it; it was just a bad decision on Romeo's part.Many people might argue that a number of things, such as random car accidents and meeting a life-long love, are destined to happen. They think that if something is foreordained, there is no avoiding it. No matter what one does, it must happen. This stance on the issue is absurd. For instance, a car accident happens by fault of one of the drivers, because of a mistake that they make. Moreover, meeting someone special is just an example of being at the right place at the right time. If they decided to go someplace else first or not to go out at all, the two would have never met. It is only a question of the person, and what they choose to do. Nothing is destined.Fate is a way for people to explain the unexplainable. If one doesn't know why something happens, they gather that it must be the workings of fortune or circumstance. They never look beneath the surface and try to find out why. It is because of this that many rely on fate and think it controls their lives. If everyone just stood back, and took life one step at a time, they might be able to predict what outcome will result form their action. We are the only people who control our destiny.

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2531 words - 11 pages beginning of the play and her newfound strength is what pulls her to the end. G. K. Carey, M. A., also explains, "In short, Juliet develops from a heroine of light comedy to a heroine of tragedy." It is very evident that Juliet is the true heroine of the play who has fate opposing her and keeping her from happiness. The power of fate is introduced in the Prologue of Romeo and Juliet when it states that the two are "death-mark'd.&quot

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