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Romeo and Juliet
A character goes through many changes that depend on the kind of events they experience. The play “Romeo and Juliet” written by William Shakespeare, uses different tones and language that shows the readers that Juliet, a Protagonist, changes over time, proving the idea that she is a dynamic character. At the beginning of the play, we are introduced to a young, innocent and inexperienced girl, Juliet the daughter of Lord Capulet . She has not yet seen the real world and is raised by the person she trusts most, her nurse. Juliet begins as a naive child who has thought little about love and ...view middle of the document...

In the same scene her mother says “well, think of marriage now.” This designates that she is a devoted dependent girl, because she does what her mother says. But it does not take very long for her to change. The night when Juliet meets Romeo, she starts to make rash decisions, whereas she would have thought about her decisions and consulted the nurse earlier in the play. When she first meets Romeo, she immediately falls in love with him. She does not wait to find out who he really is. She mentions that she has not even heard him speak more than hundred words. By this we can conclude that Juliet is starting to make her own decisions, something she would have never done in the beginning. At the party Romeo and Juliet kiss showing the affection they have for each other. This scene is essential in showing Juliet’s love, passion, level of headedness and independence. We now know that Juliet has fallen completely in love with Romeo. There are many ways in which Shakespeare shows us that Juliet has changed since falling in love. Shakespeare shows us how serious in love Juliet is. When Juliet is asked to marry Romeo, she does not say no and goes with what Romeo has planned for her. At that same night, they both get married and makes their relationship official. Shakespeare at the beginning of the play shows the innocent character of juliet. But as we start to find out more about that character, we learn that Juliet is not only independent she is also becoming sensible.
Now that Juliet is married with Romeo, we can see that Juliet is starting to change. In the beginning she listened to her mom and did as she was told. She never had the idea of getting married. But the night she met Romeo, she went ahead without telling anyone and married Romeo. Juliet is willing to leave her family for a person she only met a few hours ago. She has changed to a passionate, open hearted women. In the play it states “of, it thou wilt, swear by the gracious self, which is the god of my idolatry, and I’ll believe thee”. This shows that Juliet is trying to win Romeo’s heart by showing her own. After Romeo and Juliet get’s married, they decided to spend a night together. Juliet does not mind about spending the night with Romeo because she loves him and that he loves her. She does not tell anyone in the family the decision she had made because she knows one mistake can mean the death of Romeo. Juliet would have never done something like this before she met Romeo. She would never disobey her parents and go against them because she knows it is not the...

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