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Romeo And Juliet 2 Essay

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"From forth the fatal loins of these two foes A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life;" I don't agree with the quotation above because I think the tragic deaths of both Romeo and Juliet are caused by human decision. It is an indirect result of the decisions and actions of several characters. For example, Romeo decides to go to Capulet's party where he meets Juliet. Later on, Romeo and Juliet decide to get married which is another wrong decision in the story. Moreover, Friar Laurence agrees to marry the two secretly which is also a cause for their deaths. In this essay we will discuss how the deaths of both Romeo and Juliet are caused by the poor decisions of each of the above characters. When Romeo decides to go to the Capulet's party, he ...view middle of the document...

Therefore it is caused by human decision which leads to the deaths of the lovers Romeo and Juliet. When Romeo and Juliet decide to get married, they too are bringing their suicides closer to being reality. They each fall in love with the looks of the other. It is love at first sight. They both know that neither of their families will accept that they love someone from the other family. However they still decide to marry secretly. Obviously it is another wrong human decision. It is clear for them to see how impossible their love is. If they could be more clear-headed, they would think about it carefully and wouldn't decide to fall in love. Their impetuous decision causes the tragedy. No less at fault for the deaths of the lovers than themselves is Friar Lawrence. At the time that Romeo asks him to marry he and Juliet, he agrees to, thinking that he can marry the two then and announce it to the families later. He hopes that this will end the feud between the families. However when Romeo is exiled, this is no longer an option. Then he makes up another plan that allows Romeo to take Juliet to Mantua. Unfortunately that plan doesn't work and leads the lovers to death. Clearly it is not caused by fate since fate doesn't force the Friar to help the lovers. Thus, the Friar's good intentions lead to bad results -- the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. The tragic deaths of Romeo and of Juliet are the consequences of the decisions of several characters. Romeo decides to go to the Capulets' party. The lovers do not see the difficulties they will encounter if they marry secretly. The Friar too doesn't think about his plan carefully before he works them out. Thus it is free will of the characters, not fate, that causes the tragedy. Therefore I don't agree with that quotation.

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