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“The purpose of a soliloquy is to reveal to the audience what is going on in the mind and heart of the speaker. Sometimes soliloquies tell us about the speaker’s motivation of plans. What does Juliet’s soliloquy at the beginning of this scene reveal about her feelings and state of mind?”

Juliet’s passionate soliloquy in this scene expresses her love for Romeo and their need to conceal their love from the outside world. The beginning of this scene reveals feelings of anxiety for the coming of darkness and it also shows how desperate she is for Romeo to appear in the night. Juliet’s desire for the night when Romeo will come is evident here. Juliet is confessing in her long speech that she is quite out of control and needs the darkness of the night to calm her till she can settle into love’s course. Through her loving words for Romeo, Juliet shows how much she wants to be with Romeo.

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Juliet “pays no worship to the garish sun” because the sun would make their secluded love known.

The beginning of this scene certainly reveals how Juliet is very eager for the coming of night. “Come thou day in night” is suggesting that their love is represented by light, and the night hides their love, keeping it secret. It also shows how she is so desperate for the coming of night so then she can see Romeo. The phrase, “Romeo leap to these arms untalked of and unseen,” also means that in the night, Romeo can be with Juliet without others seeing them together. Juliet, impatient to consummate her marriage with Romeo, wishes the day would pass quickly. Juliet says, “Such a wagoner as Phaeton would whip you to the west and bring in cloudy night immediately,” again suggests her need for the night to come and how desperate she is for it.

From this scene, it is obvious that her desire for the night has increased immensely because this is the time when she can meet with Romeo. “Come gentle night, come loving black-browed night, give me my Romeo,” clearly shows her affection for the night when Romeo will appear.

Juliet is acknowledging that she is fairly uncontrolled and needs the darkness of night to soothe her till she has adjusted to love’s processes. She says, “Hood my unmanned blood,” – the hood representing something to calm her until she is prepared for love.

The soliloquy performed in this scene by Juliet reveals her ever-rising passion for Romeo. Although, after realising that Romeo had killed Tybalt, her thoughts are twisted, and Juliet later says another shorter soliloquy which is focused on Romeo. She says how he is “a beautiful tyrant, dove-feathered raven”. Juliet uses many oxymorons which show her slight change in heart for Romeo, although, she still has faith in him.

To conclude with, Juliet’s soliloquy in the beginning of this scene reveals how anxious and impatient she is for the night to come. Juliet becomes more affectionate towards the night as it conceals the love between her and Romeo. Juliet’s passion in her speech shows how desperate she is for Romeo and how much love she has for him. The ongoing feud impedes on their love in the daylight, but the night easily keeps their love a secret.

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