Rome Was Not Built In A Day

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To begin with, let me share an incident with you all. Chess is my hobby and I regularly take part in chess competitions. Earlier I used to perform well but over a period of time, I started losing matches and gradually lost motivation. Noticing this, my father remarked “Rome was not built in a day”. I asked him what it meant and he retorted, “Find it out yourself, only then will you realize its significance”.

Once when I was playing games on the computer, out of curiosity I surfed the internet to learn about this proverb. Believe me I could relate myself so much that I felt as if this proverb was coined specially for me. Let me elaborate.

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By the way this topic could not have been announced at a better time as I could quote the most memorable incidence of my life. All said, let me use this opportunity to make an appeal. Let us all pledge to take up a noble cause and apply ourselves in achieving it, however long it may take.

Thank you all and have a good day.

Respected Madam, esteemed Judges, worthy Teachers and all my beloved Friends,

I bow in gratitude for providing me an opportunity to participate in this elocution contest. To begin with, let me share an incident of my life which had a profound impact on my choice of topic. Not many are aware that I am a chess enthusiast and participate in chess competitions every now and then. I presume I do fairly well in these competitions though never have topped any. Last year I felt I was stagnating and hitting a roadblock as I was not improving any further in the chess rankings. Another competition was in the offing but I withdrew myself from the competition at the last moment. My father enquired about this decision of mine and just passed a remark “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. I was like, what has this to do with chess? My dad retorted just find it out yourself, which will make you understand its relevance and significance.

Time passed by, but my inquisitiveness, would not budge and nagged me to find out what my father meant by saying those words. On one occasion when I sat on the computer, of-course with the sole purpose of playing games as we all do, I felt this urge to find out from internet what my Dad meant. Surfing through the net, I plunged into the ocean of knowledge and within minutes was inundated with vast data on this proverb. I sifted through these voluminous information and lo believe me I felt enlightened. With my state of mind over that period of time I was so impressed by this proverb that I felt as if it was coined solely for me. So impressed was...

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