Romantic Poetry Puts The Self Before Everything Including The Outside World: Compare "I Am" By John Clare To "So We'll Go No More Aroving" By Lord Byron

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Romantic poetry puts the self before everything including the outside world: compare 'I Am' to one other poem of your choice in terms of theme and poetic techniqueBoth 'I Am' and 'So We'll Go No More A-Roving' put the self beforethe outside world.'I am' is wrote with no exception to this in the classical style ofromanticism. The first person or 'I' is used throughout the poem. 'I am:yet what I am' (L1). The poems are relatively similar in terms of theirtheme. Both describe places and activities, which they would rather bedoing. 'I am describes a fictional place in the imagination where the poetlongs to be. 'I long for scenes, where man hath never trod' (L13). 'SoWe'll Go No More A-Roving' ...view middle of the document...

'Even the dearest , that I love the best, Are strange-nay, rather strangerthan the rest' (L11-12).Both poems use rhyming couplets this helps set the tone of the poems andemphasises the lament and melancholic moods and tones of the poems.The poem 'I Am' has been wrote while the poet was still experiencingthis melancholic mood, his emotions are unstable and seemingly comefrom nowhere so the poet takes advantage of them and not only drownson his sorrows but feeds off them. 'I am a self-consumer of my woes-They rise and vanish in oblivious host' (L3-4). On the outside he isnormal, even though deep down he is troubled by his moods but hisexterior does not let this show, despite this 'I am', he is still alive and stillexists. 'And yet I am, and live like vapours tossed' (L6). This ismelancholic because the poet accepts the way that he is feeling andknows that he can not do anything about it. The poet wants to tell hisfamily and friends the way that he is feeling but can not as these feelingsare too complicated for him to explain through the simple use of words.'Where there is neither...

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