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Romantic Comedy Essay

827 words - 4 pages

Mason Brawley
Ms. Pearson
ENGL 1301
8 April 2013
Romantic Comedy Comparison
Have you ever messed up in a relationship with someone you took for granted and eventually moved on but you did not? Well here is two unique movies that are about that situation and they depict the situation well while adding humor to the situation. The Philadelphia Story, (1940), is a great romantic comedy that has a better story line, actors and even more scenery than the earlier compared movie, The Awful Truth (1937).
The Awful Truth had basically the same storyline as The Philadelphia Story but there was a big difference in how it all played out and begun. The Philadelphia Story began with the wife ...view middle of the document...

During the scene where they meet at the Ballroom dinner it was very sketchy and one sided for a while and most of it could have been left out of the movie. The Supporting cast was not as talented in my eyes as in The Philadelphia story the new fiancé (John Howard) was better portrayed than in The Awful Truth’s (Ralph Bellamy) was less convincing in his acting. John Howard was more of your average citizen who worked hard to live a comfortable lifestyle so he was not use to the high life and he enjoyed Tracy’s company. During The Philadelphia movie he was always pushing Tracy’s ex away and trying to accommodate her and did not approve of her ex-husband being around especially so close to their wedding. As for The Awful Truth, Ralph Bellamy was more of a push over and really did not show any emotion to her soon to be divorced husband being around them all the time. He would let him interrupt them whenever and to even provoke ideas and dwell on their past relationship without question.
The scenes in The Philadelphia Story were more elaborate in contrast to the storyline to whereas The Awful Truth really did not have much scenery or creativeness. For example in The Awful Truth...

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