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Romanian Women During Communism Essay

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National Communism in Romania was the state ideology of Communist Romania between early 1960s and 1989. Having its origins in Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej's political emancipation, it was greatly developed by Nicolae Ceaușescu, who began in 1971, through his July Theses manifesto, a national cultural revolution.

Nevertheless the proudest boast of Communism is that it has finally emancipated the woman. Karl Marx writes: "Differences of age and sex have no longer any distinctive social validity. All are instruments of labor." The assumption was that woman was free as soon as she became available for production.

In keeping with the idea that liberation means working in a factory rather than in a ...view middle of the document...

As an allegorical figure, it does not show any resemblance to the common woman of Romania at the time. To capture a true picture of reality, the picture would have to present a woman who is forced to pass through the factory, standing in line at soy sausage, old bread, suffering from cold without light facing the nightmare of illegal abortions.
Why have the Communists been so hostile to the family from the beginning? Because, politically, the family is a rival center of power. Communism preferred disconnect individuals and leave them victims without any backup. The stronger the families were, the harder it was to impose totalitarian dictatorship. So Communism has always worked to weaken the family, if not destroy it. 
How? dragging women out of the house! You could destroy the family –at least drastically reduce its importance – by changing women from mothers to women in a “legalized community of women.” 

Women in Romania slowly lost their identity, femininity and dignity. They were no more women but individuals without sex in a working community.

The feminine population of Romania...

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