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Roman Technology Essay

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The Romans were people that were before their time. These people did not have many resources to use like we do now. There were no computers to help generate scale models or give GPS coordinates to know where to build bridges or homes in the optimum spots. What these people had was something that maybe lacking in the world today, and that is common sense and the use of their own brains. The Romans were among the first to build such things as bridges, help in the building of roads, and the first to have amphitheaters. If not for these people were would the world be today?
How could we get from main land to an island if there were no bridges? I live in Brooklyn New York and I have to ...view middle of the document...

” (Valley Crossing). These men actually did all of this by hand, and to this day some of those bridges are still standing. One of the reasons for the building of these bridges was so that their military could travel faster and get from one spot from another without going down a hill only to go up a hill. It made life much easier for the solders. “The Romans built their roads and bridges so that their military could travel faster than when they did when they went over rough terrain. Also, with a large empire, they needed a very orderly system of travel with connected paths to ensure that soldiers wouldn't get stuck between two villages where a road or bridge had been washed out.” (BBC). To protect their cities and give a way to make trade much easier the bridge was made and it was made for the purpose of people getting from one place to another easier. Bridges to this day have the same arch that was made the same way as the Romans. Even to this day we are using the building of our ancestors to help make life easier for all of us.
Roads were also built by the Romans to help make trade a lot easier. Just think if there were no roads, how bad our tires would be at this day and age. Roads were also built for the Romans military. Anything that could make life easier for their military men the Romans would try to fix for them. There is no way I could ever picture having non-paved roads, let alone dirt roads everywhere. The Romans were well aware that to be able to let their military get around swiftly and easily, roads would make it the easiest way to do so. There is an old saying that I hear time and time again and that is “all roads lead to Rome”, now weather or not that was meant in the war time, or trading times is all in the eye of the beholder. The roads...

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