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Roman History Essay

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Week 3 Roman Contribution Essay – The Roman Alphabet

HIS 101 – History of Western Civilization I

This essay will explore the Roman alphabet, a contribution from the Roman Empire which is used today in the modern world. A contribution so great yet sometimes overlooked. This Roman alphabet was known as the Classic Latin Alphabet. This essay will describe the changes that have taken place to give us the current alphabet used in the United States today as well as a majority of the world either as an official script or co-script. (Richey, 2014)

Week 3 Roman Contribution Essay – The Roman Alphabet
The Roman Alphabet is one of many contributions given to or handed down to ...view middle of the document...

” (The Influence of The Roman Empire) “The Romans needed the alphabet in order to administrate their large empire. They wrote many laws and decrees, and sent letters to every corner of Europe, Africa and the Near East. Since the Romans passed their language to the next generations, the laws and literature of the Middle Ages were also written in Latin. Latin was the language of government, learning, poetry, and science for nearly 2,000 years, and because of this it had a very strong influence on the languages that developed in modern times”. (Foster)
Earlier, I mentioned that the Roman alphabet had only twenty-three letters, however it started out with twenty-one letters. It looked like this: A B C D E F _ Z H I _ K L M N O P Q R S T _ V _ X. Around 250 B.C., the twenty-three letter Roman alphabet was created. It looked like this: A B C D E F G H I _ K L M N O P Q R S T _ V _ X Y Z. The “Z” was replaced with a “G” and “Y” and “Z” were put to the end. (Abankow, 2010) Three new letters were added later in the Middle Ages and by the end of the 15th Century, we have our current alphabet of today. (Abankow, 2010)
Above is a picture of the twenty-three letters the Romans used to write Latin. (Simon Ager, 1998-2015)
Finally, it is interesting to note that although we speak...

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