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Roman Empire Essay

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Roman Empire Emerald Man period8

The creation of Roman Empire brings the Roman political, economy and society change a lot. Did you know, although Rome grew rapidly, but the republic government was disable to handle the outcome ofthese changes? The Punic War and the way that Rome’s expanding the empire brought many problems. Especially in the serious gap between rich and poor. Do you want to know what contribute a glory Roman Empire decline?
According to the chapter of the book ‘World History – The Roman Empire Brings Change” written by McDougal Littell. The most serious problem was the gap between rich and poor. Most of the rich landowners lived on huge estates called Latifundia. ...view middle of the document...

Their class were control by nobles. In Equestrian class, the class was basically for economic. Equestrians were kind of business prohibited to senators. People in there should be able to prove that a stable amount of wealthy. On the other hand, there have 5 social classes. Include: Commons, Latins, Foreigners, Freed people and Slaves. All Commons stand for Roman citizens. They legitimate to possess marriage and children that are themselves. In Latins freeborn residents of Italy, they can be a full citizenship in Roman. If they were Foreigners, all other freeborn men and woman who lived in Roman territories. They could living within the Roman empire were granted Roman citizenship. In the group of freed people, although they had been slaves, however they were not free at all because they had various restriction on their rights and owed certain. Finally in the group of Slave, “the system of chattel slavery where human being s were born into slavery or sold into slavery through war or piracy. Slaves were the property of their owners by law, but by custom some slaves” (lower class, paragraph 5). Also, women who in lower class didn’t deserve for anything. They couldn’t participate the male activity. It shows us that it is a big different between the high class and the lower class.
According to the information from the book “World History – The Rise Of Christianity”written by McDougal Littell . Christian religion, which was a traditional religion, it was polytheistic. Priests used sacred rites to intercede on behalf of worshippers. Christisnity born as a movement within Judaism, emphasised the personal relationship between god and people. It attracted many Romans. Christianity grew because most of the romans embraces it including men and women, salves, the poor and nobles. Christianity brought hope to the powerless and offered a personal relationship with a loving god. Also promised eternal life after death. Christians also gave their religion a structure. At the local level, a priest led an small group of Christian and a bishop – a priest who suppervised the local church. According to the tradition, the apostle Peter who was a priests. He was the one that Jesus reffered to hi as rhe “rock” on which the Christian Church would be built. He traveled to Rome from Jerusalem and became a bishop in there. From that time on, all the priests and bishops traveled their authority to him.
Base on the information of the article” The Colosseum” written by Noah McAllister. The Roman Colosseum is one of the glory architecture in Roman. It was the biggest amphitheater in the Roman Empire. Colosseum was built as a oval shape. It used for a sporting events. The Romans called gladiator duels or wild animals fights and other things that related to killed animals. Actually a lot of happened in the Colosseum, including gladiators fight, wild animal dules and ritual murders. During the fight,...

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