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Roman Catholicism Essay

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Roman Catholicism

I am a Catholic. Catholics are ‘Christians’ which means we are followers of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man – the Son of God – our friend, Lord and saviour.

Catholics believe that Jesus Christ set up the church in the first century AD. The word ‘Catholic’ means ‘universal’. There are over a billion people worldwide who are members of the Catholic Church. It is made up of a large family of people from every race, colour and background. We are brought together by our ‘faith’ which means we all share a common vision and the same beliefs.

No matter what part of the world they live in, Catholics are said to be ‘in communion’ with ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes I play my ‘cello in the music group. Church is a place where I have made friends outside of school. We gather there to pray and to learn about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

One of the things that are very important to Catholics is the ‘sacraments’. These are special gifts, or God-given channels through which life flows. Unlike the Protestant Church, who I think believe in fewer sacraments, the Catholic Church believes in seven: baptism, Holy Communion, Reconciliation or Confession, Confirmation, the sacrament of the sick – extreme unction, matrimony or marriage, and Holy Orders which is the sacrament of ordination which empowers priests to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, administer the sacraments, and officiate over all the other proper affairs of the Church.
I received the sacrament of Baptism when I was a baby, I know this because I have seen the photographs. Then last year I received the sacrament of Reconciliation when I made my first confession and the sacrament of the Eucharist when I made my first Holy Communion. I had to have classes after mass for a long time before I could receive these sacraments. Making your First Holy communion is a very special celebration for Catholics – not quite like the Jewish ‘Bar Mitzvah’ or coming of age – but...

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