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Roller Table Essay

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The origin of Ashok Leyland can be traced to the urge for self reliance, felt by independent India. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime ministerpersuaded mr.Raghunandan Saran, an industrialist , to enter automotive manufacture. In1948, Ashok Motors was set up in what was then madras, for the assembly of Austin cars. The Company’s destiny and name changed soon with equity participation by British Leyland and British Leyland commenced manufacture of commercial vehicles in 1955.

Since then Ashok Leyland has been a major pressure in india’s commercial vehicle industry with a ...view middle of the document...

These are the majo milestones in the company’s TQM journey.


• It includes a wide range of automotive ranging from trucks, buses, gensets, special and defence purpose vehicles too. Few are shown below


• 4x2 Haulage trucks

• 4x2 Multi-Axle tippers

• Ecomet Type Trucks


• Viking series

• Vestibule Bus

• Airport tarmac Coach


• Genset appplication (5-250KVA)

• Industrial application (40-200PS)

• Marine application (58-193PS)


• The company has six manufacturing locations in india:

• Ennore Chennai

• Hosur, Tamilnadu (Hosur-1, Hosur-2, CPPS)

• Alwar, Rajastan

• Bhandara, Maharastra

• Ashok Leyland has a product development facility at Vellivoyalchavadi in the outskirts of chennai.

• The company has an Engine Research and development facility in Hosur.

The company is setting up a new plant in the North Indian state of Uttarakhand at Pant Nagar at an investent outlay of Rs.1200 crores. This plant is expected to goon stream in yhe year 2008. The Plant will have a capacity to produce around 40,000 commercial vehicles.

To eliminate the difficulty of component transfer and negleat the scratches occurring in crankcase head while moving in TECHNO TALENT VIBRATOR BURR REMOVING MACHINE in crankcase line.



1. Drill oil gallery hole
2. Head face and sumpface milling
3. Drill and ream dowel hole on sumpface
4. Finish milling bearing cap register
5. Milling on side faces.
6. Rough bore crankshaft bore
7. Rough bore camshaft bore
8. Rough bore cylinder bore
9. Drill bore 22degree angle face
10. Drill and top end face
11. Drill holes on tappet cover and WJ sides
12. Mill sides of cranfshaft bore
13. Washing
14. Machining PC nozzle and MTG holes
15. Tapper boring
16. Washing
17. Oil pump bore machining
18. Finish mill cylinder head face
19. Finish bore, cylinder bore and counter bore
20. Washing
21. Hone cylinder bore
22. Washing
23. Front end clearance milling
25. washing
26. Press liner
27. In SITU liner bores
28. Washing
29. Honing operation
30. Washing


This machine used to remove the burr from the crankcase by vibration. Crankcase is the heart of the engine many components are placed in the crankcase. It is built by the cast iron material for high working capacity.
The components placed in crankcase are, Piston, Crankshaft, Cam shaft, Timing gears. The crankcase bores are machined for the different...

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