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Roll Of Thunder Essay

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Critical essay
Mildred D. Taylor’s inspiring novel ‘Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry’ shows the African American experience during the 1930’s. The story is told through young Cassie Logan’s eyes showing the emotional torment of segregation and racism brought to the black community. Other main themes in the novel apart from racism are the importance of family as the Logan’s stand by each other through the community crisis and love each other. Taylor also uses symbolism in the novel , like the weather which seemed to echo human emotions. As the climax of the incident occurs and the fire is blazing the rain pours, the wind blows and the thunder roars.
The novel is set in rural Mississippi in ...view middle of the document...

. . that oak and walnut, they’re a lot bigger and they take up more room and give so much shade they almost overshadow that little ole fig. But that fig tree’s got roots that run deep, and it belongs in that yard as much as that oak and walnut. It keeps on blooming, bearing good fruit year after year, knowing all the time it’ll never get as big as them other trees. Just keeps on growing and doing what it gotta do. It don’t give up. It give up, it’ll die. .. There’s a lesson to be learned from that little tree...cause we’re like it. We keep doing what we gotta, and we don’t give up. We can’t." In this quote the trees are an analogy for the community with major landowners that nearly overpower the smaller ones, but the small ones like himself still having a right to be there. It’s a lesson in persistence rather than spontaneous violence. The whites may not like his presence, but as long as he hangs onto the land and there are a few decent whites such as Jamison to speak up on occasion, his enemies can’t do anything about him.
The story reaches boiling point the night TJ gets blamed for murder. The Logan children watched in horror as their friend TJ Avery and his family were dragged from their home and beaten by the white men. TJ had been in Strawberry earlier with RW and Melvin the oldest Simms boys. They had broke into Mr.Barnetts store to steal a pearl gun, but it all went wrong as Mr. Barnett and his wife come down stairs. RW and Melvin with their disguises hit them over the head with an axe and ran. When they leave the store TJ asks to be brought home as his dad has threatened to throw him out if he is late in, the brothers refuse so TJ tries to blackmail them by saying he will tell what happened in the store. It doesn’t work and instead he gets a beaten. TJ manages to walk to the Logan’s and knock on the window and get Cassie’s older brother Stacey’s...

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