Roles Of Managers In Functional Areas Of Business

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The Roles of Managers in Functional Areas of Business
Maureen Glidewell
MGT 521
Shirley Fitzgerald

Managers are a key element in the operation of any business or organization. The success of any business is going to depend on managers and the employees that they manage. While different types of business will dictate different job functions for a manager, all managers will have the same fundamental roles, planning, organizing, leading and controlling, in whatever functional area of business they are working.
The most important role that a manager plays in any functional area of business is that of planning. Planning in a business involves setting goals and formulating ...view middle of the document...

They are also responsible for organizing the employees and allocating resources needed to meet the objectives. Once employees have been organized, tasks must be assigned to employees or departments and authority must be given to complete them. Resources must also be allocated to the plans to be sure that everything that is needed for the task is available. Management coordinates the staff necessary and makes sure that information is disseminated to everyone involved.

Leading can be defined as "Stimulating people to be high performers; includes motivating and communicating with employees, individually and in groups" (Bateman & Snell, 2007, p. 13). Leading involves motivation and influencing employees. A good leader will inspire employees or members to work towards the goals of the organization. Inspired and motivated employees are more productive, and goals of the organization will more likely be met. There are different styles of leadership that a manager can adopt. There will situations that arise that will require different approaches to leadership with the organization. Managers should adapt their leadership style to one that most effectively meets the objectives while balancing the interests of the individuals that they manage. (Boundless, 2013)
Controlling is the last role of management in functional areas of business. Controlling is the process that measures the performance against the objectives set during the planning phase. Measuring actual revenue/expense results to budgets is a form of controlling. Management will do performance appraisals as a form of controlling. These performance appraisals are based on specific job descriptions that were created in the planning phase. Controlling...

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