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Roles Of Human Resource Management Essay

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Roles of Human Resource Management
Ariel Kimble
Grantham University

The idea of looking for employment has crossed all our minds at some point in time and we have been out there pounding the ground trying to find that one job that we love. Though our searches and countless applications, we all have had the “luxury” of one on one contact with those who will decide whether we get the job or not. These individuals that have been at the forefront of every job application and interview are the Human Resources Management Department (HRM). Over the years this department has grown and changed into what we know to be, from what was once known as simply as “Personnel”. The growth ...view middle of the document...

At both times (personnel and HRM) the primary goals are the same. A company is looking at all possible candidates to see which individual will fit what is need to ensure positive productivity and growth of the company.
Once the prospective employee is hired they must next complete the required orientation and training for their potential job. The orientation portion of this role is to ensure that these new employees are well integrated into the company’s rules and regulations. This department closely monitors the training of all new employee to ensure that they have all the necessary tools to be productive members of the company.
After these new employees are orientated to what the company requires of them, they are informed about they pay and benefits. This is one aspect that all new employees look forward to. Most importantly is the benefits, as they are what drives most of them; because it is what most people need. While in the past during the personnel era, this is something that was handle by each department manager. Centrally control this seems to be the best option anyway.
Now, as we look at the next role of HRM/Personnel; we find this next role as something of scrutiny and reform. Employee performance and evaluations use to be one of personal choice in the past. Today, HRM has set precise and defined rules to help managers and leaders properly evaluate each employee evenly. This is one of those differences that expresses the need for change that is ultimately a good one.
One of the roles that is more important to the entire company is the health and wellness of each and every employee. This is one role that has improved tremendously over the years. With more women entering the workforce, there were increasing incidents of sexual harassment. As the years pass, the general consensus was that it was...

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