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Roles Of Gps Essay

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Global Positioning System
The global positioning system, which is more commonly known as the GPS, is now a common used piece of technology in our everyday lives, with phones, cars and machines all utilising the device. It is used in many ways, from navigating a plane or just finding out where you are.
Where did the Come From
The GPS was in use many decades before ordinary civilians had access to the technology, with the first use of the device in 1960, in which the United States were using the idea for navy and army purposes. 1 The GPS was eventually developed and over approximately one or two decades, it was put to use for both military and civilian uses. GPS devices, which were used ...view middle of the document...

The information that GPS use are carried through on microwaves. This is because microwaves are the best waves for travelling long distances as they are not as easily intercepted by certain objects.
Currently, the GPS has many uses in both everyday life and military as well. One of the major uses of GPS today is used in cars for navigation. However, since the satellite coverage of the earth is well rounded, even ships and aeroplanes flying in remote areas can fly with the navigational properties a GPS provides.
Hikers may also commonly use GPS to track out where they are as they hike through a bush or in a rainforest.
Without the use of GPS in everyday life, navigation throughout earth would be much more difficult, with planes having to rely on radar and calling flight controllers to find out their exact location, and cars not being able to find its way through remote areas like it can now.
Satellite frequency of GPS, and how it communicates
GPS transmits two different types of frequencies. They are the commonly referred to as the L1 and L2 codes. They transmit at 1575 and 1227 Megahertz respectively. L1 codes are commonly used in civilian uses such as cars and devices, whilst the L2 frequency is used more as military radar, with it being much more accurate than L1 frequencies. These L1 and L2 waves are often found in the form of microwaves, which are perfect for long distance travel.
Inside the two frequencies are two vital parts of information a device needs to...

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