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Roles And Responsibilities Of Teachers Essay

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To completely explore the task expected from the assignment, it is paramount to understand the meaning of the terminology used.

According to the dictionary, role is defined as “one’s part, expected function, job, duty, task, responsibility” - Readers digest whilst online dictionary described “role” as an usual or expected function and “responsibilities” refer to accountability, that is the position of being accountable to somebody or for something. With these definitions, one can say that, role and responsibility are similar or have some kind of similarity. We ...view middle of the document...

It is my responsibility as the assessor to plan and design a course. We have an NVQ standard/Log book which meets the needs of the learners and the requirements of the course. The NVQ has to be delivered in a set way so I have limited opportunity at this stage of the cycle. An assessment plan should specify the target elements, identify opportunity for collecting evidence, state the type of evidence to be collected, specify assessment methods to be used such as Direct Observation, Reflective Account, and Witness Testimonies etc., With NVQ standards, I still ensure that the learning outcomes, aims and objectives for the course are covered in an appropriate way e.g. length of time allocated, delivery strategies, appropriate resources and assessment methods. If I have new learners which I have never met before, I might start with an Icebreaker activity to encourage collaborative learning. I will ensure that

the candidate is not disadvantaged by the way in which the assessment is organised and conducted. For instance, some candidates might be disadvantaged by an insistence on written evidence when actually oral evidence would be acceptable, or by a requirement that evidence must be presented in a particular format. Others might not have fair access if I wasn’t prepared to take account of shift patterns in work or of the candidate’s domestic circumstances and only offered assessment with set hours.

During the design/ delivery session, it is my responsibility to deliver a course, which is appropriate for the learners; I will take account of individual needs which have clear aims and objectives. The activities should be appropriate and varied to appeal to learners with different learning styles. The resources should be well prepared, sufficient for the numbers of learners and used to support learning activities and I will make cost-effective use of time and resources. For example, I have used handouts as...

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