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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher

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1. Understand the teaching role and responsibilities in Education and training

1.1 Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training
There are many roles and responsibilities in education, trying to inspire the students and try to develop their personal and professional skills to the best of their ability. Your ultimate aim is to enable the students to understand how to take responsibility for their own development. You can do this by planning, preparing, teaching and learning activities that take account of the needs and well-being of individual learners as well as groups of learners.
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The work should also be varied to cater for each type of learner. If equipment is needed, be fully understanding of how it works to enable a correct explanation to the students.
Throughout the course the teacher will be assessing the learners work to ensure they have an understanding of the subject and are learning what is being taught, this will also monitor the effectiveness of the lessons. Evaluating the class could be achieved by using things such as quizzes, asking questions and feedback sheets. Giving feedback to a student is vital for their development; it must be honest but constructive. You must also continue to learn by attending Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses this will maintain your own skills and show commitment to your subject area.
Pastoral care is an essential part of teaching, this will help to assist your students with anything outside of the learning environment, and you yourself may be able to help or refer them to another person or association.
You should be fully aware and kept up to date of your governing body’s Code of Practice as you are required to carry out your roles and responsibilities to the best of your ability, this will show professionalism, failure to do so could result in you looking unprofessional to colleagues and students resulting in consequences such as fines or losing teacher status.
At the start of the learning day you should be aware of the surroundings in regard to health and safety and carry out general housekeeping, this is something that the students should also be informed of and most are common sense but still needs to be enforced on a daily basis. You would check for things such as trailing wires, bags on the floor, electrical equipment all properly checked, making sure the room is bright enough, adequate ventilation, breaks times in place and refreshments available.
Gravells A (2014) states
“Your main role should be to teach or train your subject in a way which actively involves and engages learners during every session, whether it’s in a workplace, college or other training environment. However, it’s not just about teaching and training, it’s about the learning that takes place as a result. You can teach as much as you wish, but if no learning has taken place then your teaching has not been successful”. (page 1)
1.2 Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities
As a teacher you must comply with legislative requirements and appropriate codes of practice regarding teaching and your specialist subject. Teachers need to be proactive in all aspects of the law and codes of practice to ensure they give equal opportunities and support to all learners and not discriminate in any way. The code of practice is a standard of conduct and behaviour expected of members.
As a teacher you have a moral and professional obligation to follow and comply with certain acts and codes of conduct.
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