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Roles And Functions Essay

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Roles and Functions
Carolyn Ervin
Geraldine O’Neal
March 2, 2015

This paper will be talking about the roles and functions that is used by the health care managers as well as the responsibilities, and competencies for healthcare mangers. With managers in health care it is always growing professionally. The nature with any organization requires managers to provide leadership, and the supervision and the coordination of the staff. The managers are needed to make sure that the organizational task is followed out the best way possible to make sure goals are met. Health care managers make decisions to focus on patients and that they will receive the best care, and in a most timely, effectuate anyway possible ultimately, when a decision is made that decision will affect the performance overall.
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The employee will follow that manager if they believe that manager stands for, and the manner of inspiration of that manager, and the last will be control. The manager must take control to make sure any and all plan has been carry out the manager must oversee, and evaluate to make sure the goals are been met (Thompson, 2007). All of these functions in my previous job match up with only one that is how to plan on how I will organize myself on that work day.
The role of the manager within the health care industry will be to make profits, provide quality service ("Duties of a Health Care Manager", 2015). The health care managers must oversee all profit making tasks. However, with a growing range of different things within the healthcare industry, what I am looking to gain is perfection on being the best health care manager for the company and the staff, especially, for the patients. I look forward to be working with a staff that is willing, open to be hard workers such as I am. My career change is a yearning to see families smile just from the special care that the staffs present, and every patient and families can experience healing process and care. According to "The New Health Care Paradigm" (2005), “there are in need of superior leadership and it is highly recommended for the implementation service to process good management, and the managers must have the ability to organize activities with the staff into a team to focus and produce the best service to the patients.”
In the ending to be professional in the healthcare management is very challenging, and do require managerial positions in all levels. The health care manager is very critical in establish management levels and succession planning.

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