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Role Of Vaccine Manufacturers In The Process Of Immunization

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Role of vaccine manufacturers in the process of immunization

The role that vaccine manufacturers play in the immunization process is carefully examined. A brief background of vaccines and immunization is provided followed by a short description of the vaccine manufacturing process.
Keeping an eye on the whole process of vaccination, group discussions were aimed at understanding the role of vaccine manufacturers. On the basis of detailed analysis of the immunization process and its challenges; reasons are given as to why vaccine manufacturers are important, and why their role in the immunization process must be considered before changes are made to the existing ...view middle of the document...

After manufacture, the vaccine must go through three phases of testing to test the safety, efficacy, and effectiveness of the drug. [3]
When vaccination is done, the presentation of the pathogen to the body’s immune system allows the body to build up an immunological memory to fight infection if further contact with that pathogen occurs. [1]

A. Role of Vaccine Manufacturers
Vaccine manufacturers form the backbone of the immunization process - manufacturers contribute the knowledge of how to make the vaccination effective. Most importantly, manufacturers must know how to create a vaccine containing the proper balance of pathogen, so that the vaccine is strong enough to elicit an immune response but not so strong as to make the patient sick.

Manufacturers must be efficient and accurate and must comply with health regulations to ensure a quality product. This role is important because without the proper application of the knowledge discovered through research and development, patients would never receive immunization. To protect both the purity of the vaccine and the safety of the workers who make and package the vaccine, conditions of laboratory cleanliness need to be observed throughout the procedure. All transfers of virus and media are conducted under sterile conditions, and all instruments used are sterilized. Fault or error by manufacturers affects the whole process of immunization and could result in undesired consequences leading to sickness of patients or even death.

B. Why Vaccine Manufacturers must be considered before change is made to existing system?
Vaccine manufacturing is obviously the first and the basic step in the whole process of immunization. There are various phases involved in the process of vaccine manufacturing and changes cannot be made to the immunization process without first considering the impact on vaccine manufacturers.
Proposed changes must lead to a vaccine that is still feasible for safe manufacture; if the changes may put the manufacturers at a health risk, vaccine manufacturers will be reluctant to agree to the change. The proposed change will have to consider that the vaccine manufacture process is very complex, and that although the proposed change may work well in a laboratory setting, scale-up to mass production might not be possible. In addition to this it is also...

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