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Role Of Trade Unions In Promoting Productivity And Associated Benefits For Members

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Role of Trade Unions in Promoting Productivity and Associated Benefits for Members
As asserted by Blanchflower (1996), union movement places a central determining role in increasing productivity and efficiency. Fundamentally, trade unions are groups of organisations that have united members together in achieving common goals, in relation to better working conditions, higher salaries and overall enhancement in standards of living. Throughout the years, Booth (1995) noted that various approach have been adopted by unions to raise productivity levels and subsequently, gained significant attention from the media. Cameron (1987) remarked that productivity is identified as a vital essence, as it ...view middle of the document...

One main concern would be salary and working conditions, thus the unions help to provide assistance in raising the efficiency and productivity of work progress. Even though the working environment constitutes mainly working standards, unions play a role of guardian to earn better benefits and conditions for the members. Frenkel (1989) stated that by satisfying their personal wants and desires, these workers have more motivation and pride to produce greater work performance, driving productivity. Generally, the union acts as the voice of the members, benefitting both employees and management. According to Aidt and Tzannatos, Z (2002), workers can gain from greater salaries and work contentment, while the management attains more profits from enhanced productivity that results from higher job satisfaction from the workers. Affirmed by Green, Machin, and Wilkinson (1998), with the aid of unions in resolving issues and bringing about better work privileges in the attempt of raising efficiency and productivity, the level of success is highly dependent on the relationship between trade unions and management, working environment and the associated industry. In a nutshell, according to Booth (1995), it generates greater work productivity.
Secondly, Green (1993) highlighted that employees may face high restrictions that are practiced in the local workplaces. In order to alleviate employees’ problems, unions play the mediator role between the employers and trade unions. In an attempt to maintain a healthy working environment, Leogardo (2005) identified that these restrictive practices causing problems have to be managed. Circumstances where the employers are unwilling to alter poor working conditions, unions would step up with measures to convince the employers in changing the policies. Nonetheless, press reports may pay minimal attention on the issues as they do not directly produce results and work gains. Thus, Frenkel (1989) reviewed that heavily imposed restrictive practices have to be dealt, in order to achieve higher productivity and the majority of the responsibility lies on the management. For instance, within the Singapore manufacturing sector, when the management has decided to increase the speed of conveyer assembly line at 18 feet per second instead of the current 12 feet per second, which is deemed as too fast for employees to cope with. Union would thus voice out and negotiate with the management to reduce the speed to 15 feet per second, benefitting the workers as it is of a larger ease to work with manageable pace. Therefore, in such a situation, even though productivity is at stake, Green (1993) stated that unions would come up with strategies for the employees to work more effectively, allowing both parties to gain from such movements. In reality, restrictive practices are present in many workplaces. Cameron (1987) stated that the effects as a result of these procedures could lead to varying impacts but misunderstanding is one of the...

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