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Organizational Psychology
The organizational psychology, developed from the human relations movement in the organizations, shows more interest in the employee than the industrial psychology, which focuses on understanding the behavior and the welfare of employees. Organizational topics include employee attitudes, behavior, work-related stress, and monitoring techniques (What is organizational Psychology, 2009).
However, the main subjects of the area of the psychology organizational should not be categorized as strictly industrial or organizational. For example, the motivation is important for industrial psychology in relation to efficiency and the performance of employees, but is also very important for the organizational psychology, the happiness and welfare of employees.
The organizational psychology can be improved with contributions from marketing and with techniques as a result of the ...view middle of the document...

Functions of the Organizational Psychologist
Performance evaluation, diagnosis of needs for training, training, and development, evaluation, and selection of personnel, induction programs, participation in industrial security programs, and activities aimed to teach lessons in various educational institutions related to the analysis of various psychological variables in organizations, are some of the functions of the organizational psychologist (Steve M Jex, Thomas W Britt, 2008).
Role of research and statistics in organizational psychology
The most common method for evaluating the work environment involves the use of surveys also complemented by personal interviews.
Design and carry out surveys of employee satisfaction can be a complex issue, it requires knowledge about employee satisfaction, and survey procedure can make the difference to implement important decisions. On many occasions, companies take advantage of carrying out a survey of working environment to introduce the questionnaire; questions that are not strictly related to the work environment will also serve the company to improve their organizational management, climate surveys can contain frequently questions and factors to evaluate the satisfaction of the employees in various departments (What is organizational Psychology, 2009).
The work environment is nowadays an essential element in the strategic planning of enterprises because that allows managing the motivation of employees achieve better economic results (Steve M Jex, Thomas W Britt, 2008).
Thanks to today's technology that allows the realization of surveys with a not too high cost and displaying the results in an easy and convenient way, employee satisfaction surveys are increasingly used by all types of businesses that is an important tool that organizational psychologist needs to implement achieve organizational goals, and to improve productivity.

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