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Role Of The Courts Essay

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Role and Functions of Law Paper

Shante’ Simms


May 11, 2015
University of Phoenix

Role and Functions of Law Paper

Federal courts and Florida state courts systems are similar in some ways, but also very different in many ways. Both systems function with specific process of order, and a chain of command to adhere to. Neither the Federal Court nor Florida Court has seniority over the Constitutional Laws that our Country has in place.
Federal Vs Florida
The federal courts consist of a three part structure that combines the Supreme Courts, the Courts of Appeal, and the District Courts. The Supreme Court is the highest level court in the federal court ...view middle of the document...

After the District Courts there is the Circuit Courts of Florida, who have general trial jurisdiction over cases not assigned specifically by statue to county courts. Florida’s Circuit Courts can also hear appeals from county courts which makes them the highest level trial courts, and the lowest level appellate court in Florida’s court system. Last there is the County Courts, combined together there are sixty seven with one in each county of Florida. The County Courts jurisdiction is extended to civil cases amounting in $15,000 or less, and the trial jurisdiction is based off of statue.

Constitutional Laws
A main focus of the federal constitutional law is the understanding that the federal courts have the right to overpower and disable state or federal laws that are not consistent with the U.S. Constitution in any way. The Constitution is considered more important than federal and state statues, and the U.S. Supreme Court makes the final judgment of federal constitutional laws or issues. (READING) This is what the court has defined as judicial review authority, which gives the federal courts the power to review state court decisions related to federal law.
One of the central concepts in my current place of employment is being in PCI compliance, which is not currently a federal law but the state of...

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