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Role Of Social Network In Marketing Strategy Formulation For Sustainability And Development

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Considering Social Media’s significance in global communications, importance of Social Media Marketing as a strategic approach, this paper examines whether the internet users are the members of Social Networking, their interest in advertisement on the Social networking sites, their reaction to such ads (attitude towards Social Media), is such ads are useful to them or not, also to examine whether the respondents are experienced the online purchase, to know what products they have purchased through online, through which website they have purchased and their satisfaction of online purchase.
At the outset this paper examines the impact of Social Network on the internet users, ...view middle of the document...

Social Media and Social Network permeating Society more and more every day.

Social Media work like most areas of human endeavor, by bringing people with similar interests and characteristics together. “A sound Social Media Marketing strategy creates desire for a brand in an individual who spreads the brand’s message to his social network, allowing marketers an opportunity to communicate with an expanded network of potential customers”1.

Companies are looking for different ways to reach their target customers. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the buzz word in the field of marketing and companies are adopting it to reach their customers to achieve better performance.
The process of creating a SMM strategy starts with identifying the organization’s brand attributes. The strategy must consider the overall mission of the organization and its positioning statement. The companies create their websites with full information, attract the website visitors and allow them to choose their products and enable them to purchase through online.

There is a wide variety of social media, ranging from social sharing sites such as YouTube, MySpace through social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook etc. With the introduction of the World Wide Web, the internet became a global network and with the increased usage of internet, social media emerged and got popular; especially after 2003. Internet users are the members of the one or the other Social Networking.

Though the traditional modes of advertising and marketing like television, print media and outdoor media still contribute to a major chunk of the advertising budget, they cannot be solely relied upon to ensure reach to the target audience. Using social media like blogs and networking sites for marketing of products is fast increasing its importance. Social media provide marketers interactive communication environments with opportunities to enhance existing relationships with consumers. Consumers’ comments about a product on social media can produce a negative or positive brand buzz and the virtual messages affect consumer purchasing decisions.
1: Provost, et al., 2009


Sample were chosen by convenient random technique, data is collected through exploratory study by supply of questionnaire to 39 peoples who are at the age group of 18 to 65 years having the qualification of intermediate, UG and PG holding technical and non technical professions and few students. Questions were framed accordingly to examine whether the internet users are the members of Social Networking, their interested in advertisement on the Social networking sites, their reaction to such ads, is such ads are useful to them or not, also to examine whether the respondents are experienced online purchase, to know what products they have purchased, through which website they have purchased, their satisfaction of online purchase. Using simple statistical calculation...

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