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Role Of Media In Future War

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Introduction1. The history of war correspondence is not that old. So far known; it was first introduced in Peninsular Campaign of Wellington and thereafter in the Crimean as well as in the Boer Wars. During the First World War, the reporters were firmly under control of military and were not allowed to go to the front until mid 1915 . A strict censorship also applied on their reports. In the Second World War also, the situation for the media was not that favorable initially. Later on, the control on media was relaxed. After the Second World War, demand for more freedom in reporting by the war correspondent has drawn the attention of various corners.2. In this world, everything undergoes a ...view middle of the document...

3. The mutual understanding between a democratic political system, its defence establishments and its information system can ensure the security of a state. There has been conflict over war coverage between military and media. In the democratic setup, media plays an important role in objectively educating and guiding public opinions in maintaining the supreme national interests.4. This paper will high light relations between media and the war, discuss media in it's past and present perspective and it?s possible role in future war with special emphasis on the media management in the Armed Forces along with few recommendations to strengthen the media- military relations and to improve media?s performance in covering any future war.Aim5. The aim of this paper is to discuss the possible role of media in future war with special emphasis on media management in the Armed Forces and suggest measures to strengthen media-military relations and to improve media?s performance in covering any future war.Media and War6. What is Media.Media is an industry, which is engaged in the collection and dissemination of news. It serves three basic functions in the society . Firstly, informs the people about the ongoing events or actions. Secondly, shapes the public opinion in today's society. And lastly it acts as a judge or honest broker. The modern media can be classified into three categories of use, namely pure visual, pure audio and audiovisual combination .7. What is War.War is a sustained struggle by armed forces of certain intensity between groups of a certain size, consisting of individuals. These individuals are armed, wear distinctive insignia and are subjected to military discipline under responsible command.8. War Correspondent.The reporters accredited for covering the war are known as war correspondent. Some of these reporters have little knowledge of or expertise in the subject of defence. So, as a result, they can not differentiate what to publish and what not. On the other hand, some of the war correspondents are highly experienced. Some of the war correspondents are retired senior officers of the Armed Forces. So therefore, these reporters have the experience and expertise to maintain the security of information.9. Impact of Media in War.Media can play a very vital role in bringing the popular support in favour of the war. Gulf War can be taken as an example. It can also create public sentiment against the war as a whole. Vietnam War can be picked up as an ideal example. Bombing on the Amiriya Bunker by the US Air Forces in the suburb of Baghdad, which killed near about 400 civilians, could be another example where media created strong public sentiment against a particular incident in the war . So it is very important for the military as well as the political leaders to gather the support of media both at home and abroad.10. Manipulation of Media.It is often seen that media is utilized as a propaganda machine. The three roles for the media identified...

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