Role Of Hr Specialist In Ensuring The Link Between The Organizations’ Overall Business Strategies And Training

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2.1. Development of training programmes


2.2. Role of HR specialist in ensuring the link between the organizations’ overall business
strategies and training.


2.3. The influence of performance management, affirmative action, talent management
on strategic training management
2.4. Robert Bosch (pty) Ltd.
2.4.1. Development of training programmes


2.4.2. Role of HR specialist in ensuring the link between the organizations’ overall
business strategies and training.


2.4.3. The influence of performance management, affirmative action, talent
management on ...view middle of the document...

At the
end a report based on Bosch Company and Socomigh according to the statement


Development of training programmes

According to Queens Land Government (2015), Having a training champion in the
organisation is essential for successfully creating your training initiatives. To
develop a strong training culture, you must understand the benefits of training.

Check your legal obligations: As an employer, you need to ensure that
staffs are trained to do their jobs safely and, in certain industries, you may
be legally obliged to provide staff with specific training.

Assess your staff training needs
To implement the right training for your business, you need to identify your
business and employee training needs.


Review your business plan: Your staff training program should be
described in your business plan. You need to make sure you know what
training your staff need, how much it will cost you and how often you will
offer it. You should also decide how often you will measure your staff

.Talk to your staff: When you are assessing your training needs, you
should ask your staff what sort of training they want or need. You can talk
to them in one-on-one interviews or in a group meeting.

Consider your training options: After reviewed your business plan and
discussed training with your staff, you should update your business plan
with a new training program. Make sure you consider any changes needed
by your staff.

Communicate your training program: The staff should know what
training you have choosed for them. Communicate the training program to
all staff so they will know what is happening in the company. All staff
should have equal opportunities for training

According to the MSG, All employees need to be trained. Training is crucial for
organizational development and success. It is fruitful to both employers and
employees of an organization. An employee will become more efficient and
productive if he is trained well.
Role of HR specialist in ensuring the link between the organizations’


overall business strategies and training.
A proper training should matched with the organisation need, which will lead
the success
In order to ensure the link between the organizational overall business
strategies and training, HR specialist will have to:

Identifies training needs

Optimizes the training portfolio as specialized targeted courses are offered to
managers and employees

Plans training courses and sessions and manages and monitors the assigned
training budget

Manages the portfolio of contracts with external vendors and introduces
changes to the Standard Terms and Conditions

Cooperates with the external training vendors and delivers tailored training
programs and courses

Evaluates the quality of training courses and implements...

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