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Role Of A Manager Essay

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BHRM401 The Role of the Manager
Jamaal Wilson W1412278
| Examining the extent to which the career paths of two interviewed people conform to the pattern of the Managerial Escalator.

BHRM401 The Role of the Manager
Jamaal Wilson W1412278
| Examining the extent to which the career paths of two interviewed people conform to the pattern of the Managerial Escalator.

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Findings Manager 1 3
Findings Manager 2 3
Discussion Manager 1 3
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The purpose of this report is to establish how two the concept of the ...view middle of the document...

According to Rees & Porter, Chapter 1, (2008) often the competent specialist in any role will begin taking on extra tasks albeit informally. An example may be extra supervisory duties and after a period of consistent competency it would not be unusual for the specialist to be formally promoted. However given the structure of modern day organisations, the promotion would often include a set number of managerial responsibilities, for example a specialist may now be responsible for producing team rotas upon taking on their new position after demonstrating an acceptable level of competence whilst informally taking on the their informal role. This can be exemplified in the retail industry more so than any other. It also brings forth the term Hybrid manager a term first devised by Peter Coin in the mid-1980s. According to David Skryme, (2015) ‘A person with strong technical skills and adequate business knowledge or vice versa .... Hybrids are people with technical skills able to work in user areas doing a line job, but adept at developing and implementing IT application ideas’

Findings Manager 1
The first person interviewed was a regional support manager at Vodafone, Anish Kapur, when asked how long he had worked at the company he replied, for just over 11 years and started off as a temporary sales advisor. He went on to explain that when he initially joined the company that he had no intention for staying as long as he has. It was just a Christmas temping role, nothing out of...

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